About Community Solar

Enroll in community solar here: Solarize Ulster Subscription Page

Community solar through Solarize Ulster allows anyone with a utility bill to support local renewable generation of electricity and reduce their electric bills by up to 10%. You can subscribe to the community solar project and receive credits on your electric bill for the electricity produced on your behalf.

You will pay your chosen subscription provider back for only 90% of the credits you receive—the remaining 10% is your savings. You will only pay for credits you have already received on your bill.

Everyone, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can save money by subscribing to receive the credits produced by these solar farms. Your participation as a subscriber directly supports clean energy on the local electrical grid.

Ulster County has selected three outstanding providers of community solar subscriptions for you to choose from. You can review their projects and subscribe here: Solarize Ulster Campaign


Why subscribe to community solar during the Solarize Ulster campaign?

  • Save money every month on your electric bill. You’ll see credits every month on the electric bill you receive from your utility. You will pay the subscription provider back for only 90% of the credits; you keep the remaining 10%. The amount credited each month will depend on the amount of solar energy generated by your selected project.
  • No need to install solar panels on your roof or property. Everyone who pays their own electric bill, including renters and co-op/condo owners, can participate in a community solar project. You can even subscribe to community solar if you live in an apartment or your home is in a shady area that isn’t suited to solar panels.
  • Help to green the electric grid and support your local economy. When you choose community solar, you’re not only helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, you’re also supporting clean, locally generated electricity.
  • No upfront costs or monthly fees. Since community solar through Solarize Ulster is a subscription model, there is no initial cost. You only pay for credits you have already received on your electricity bill.
  • Minimal commitment. You can cancel your community solar subscription with 90 days notice (this is the time it takes the utility to stop the flow of credits); there is no cancellation fee.
  • Benefit Ulster County’s Green New Deal. For each subscription, the Solarize Ulster providers will donate $100 to the County’s Green New Deal fund. This fund will be used to directly impact Ulster County’s community response to climate change through Green New Deal programs.
Watch this video from NYSERDA to learn more about community solar and how it works.

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