Ulster County’s Green New Deal Plan

In the pages below, we lay out the Why, What, and How of our Green New Deal plan. (You can also download the full plan here.) We’ve laid out an ambitious agenda across three areas:

Accelerating the transition to clean energy, so that by 2040 we’ve achieved transformation of our electricity supply, buildings, and transportation systems. 

Building the equitable green economy, connecting all our residents to economic opportunity, and creating the educational and business development foundations to place Ulster County at the leading edge of the new industries this transformation will spawn.

Conserving our natural resources and building our resilience to the impacts of our changing climate, guiding our development with sound conservation priorities, and ensuring that all our residents enjoy the bounty of our natural resources.

In each area, we map progress across three time frames: immediate efforts that we will launch this year, aggressive interim targets for 2025 to guide our work, and long-term transformative goals to reach by 2040.

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A Green New Deal for Ulster County
Accelerate the transition to clean energy
Build the equitable green economy
Conserve our natural resources and build resiliency
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Or download and read the full plan here.