Green Career Opportunities

Come join Ulster County’s Green New Deal! Over the next ten years we will be creating hundreds of new jobs in clean energy, efficiency, and green design and manufacturing. We need to install over 30,000 heat pumps, thousands of electric vehicle chargers, and over one million solar panels. We need to thoroughly retrofit and update our homes to make them more comfortable and energy efficient. These jobs cannot be outsourced overseas and represent real career opportunities here at home making our communities greener, safer, and healthier.

The green economy transcends the old divide between blue-collar manual work and white-collar desk work. The new “green-collar” jobs are literally rebuilding our homes, our infrastructure, and all the things we use everyday, so that they are cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable. Jobs like:

  • Installing and maintaining advanced clean energy equipment,
  • Diagnosing and improving the energy efficiency and indoor air quality of people’s homes,
  • Understanding how heat and air flow through buildings to make them more comfortable and use less energy,
  • Creating landscapes that naturally control storm water and use fewer chemicals.

Green-collar jobs all require a mix of high tech knowledge and hands on skills. Ulster County’s Green Careers Academy can help you get both!

Saugerties resident DesireƩ Lyle shares her journey building a green career in Ulster County

We have classes, internships, and on-the-job training opportunities available for everyone in the community. If you’re looking for a green career, or just to explore whether one might be right for you, call our Career Center at (845) 340-3176 or fill out this form to get connected.

Employers: send us your green jobs and join our Green Careers Coalition to get plugged into a network of qualified candidates and customized training opportunities for your staff.