Get involved!

The plan we’ve laid out here is ambitious and aspirational. We believe the current moment demands nothing less.

In the coming months, we will launch an array of programs across all three of our Green New Deal components, advancing clean energy, green jobs, and conservation. We’ll also begin the longer-term Community Climate Action Planning process to map out our pathway to our 2025 and 2040 goals.

As we continue to emerge from COVID-era restrictions, we look forward to casting a much wider net of public participation in that process, for we truly believe that this work must both come from and serve all of our diverse communities in order to be successful. If you’d like to add your voice to that process, please reach out to and we will keep you updated as that work develops.

Meanwhile, you can learn more here about Solarize Ulster, Green Careers, the Ulster Green Economy Network, and all our programs — and get involved!